VAAC Chairman Art Chang: 2012 Election’s Problems Went Far Beyond Sandy’s Chaos

The Daily News reported Art’s comments on the recent election in New York.

Preliminary numbers show that in-person turnout in New York City was down significantly compared with 2008. Nearly 200,000 fewer New Yorkers stood in line to vote on Election Day–from 2.5 million in 2008 to 2.3 million earlier this month.

In so many ways, technology is changing our relationship to voting. Through a partnership with the NYU Wagner School’s Code for Change program, we worked with a team to introduce Votescope, a mobile app that directed New Yorkers to their poll site and provided information about candidates.The Board of Elections released a pollsite finder app as well. The team behind has also created a remarkable resource. We worked with Mobile Commons to connect voters to their poll site location by text message. Common Cause helped build a mobile app that helped voter report problems at the polls. Through the work of VAAC, we hope to continue to foster efforts like these, and we will work with anyone and everyone who wants to play a part.

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