Did your name come before or after Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point? How does Gladwell feel about it?

The name came after the book was published and with Gladwell’s blessing. After months of being badgered by Cookstr founder and CEO Will Schwalbe into reading The Tipping Point, Art gave in. Gladwell’s analysis of Connector, Maven and Salesman roles in social epidemics inspired Art to start Tipping Point Partners. But before securing the name, Art reached out to Gladwell for his permission. Gladwell responded that he couldn’t give permission since the term was in the public domain and that the best thing Art could do for Gladwell was to make millions, thereby proving his theories in practice.

I still don’t understand. Are you a VC or a consultant?

We design and build companies. We are not a VC. We are “active” investors who do not take equity positions unless we have meaningful operational roles in our portfolio companies that align our interests with founders and management. We invest small amounts of capital, and we make huge investments in sweat equity. We do provide advice and other services on a consultancy basis. We are analogous to a design-build firm in real estate, or a foundry in semiconductors.

When do you get involved?

We like all highly transitional settings: an entrepreneur with a concept; a company that wants to accelerate its growth; a restart or startaround.

How do you make money?

We get paid in a flexible blend of cash and equity.

Why don’t you have a fund?

We believe in walking before running. We are focusing on demonstrating that our process lowers risk, increases certainty of execution and leads to sustainable businesses.

What is the Tipping Point Workspace?

The Tipping Point Workspace is our new 20,000 square foot shared workspace on the corner of Chambers Street and Broadway in Tribeca. We have a mix of suites, private offices and shared space. The Workspace is perfect for technology companies seeking a full-service environment shared with high-quality peers. We are focused on promising young companies and their founders and offer space with as little as a 90-day commitment. You do not need to be a TPP client to work in our workspace. We plan on hosting a wide variety of industry events.

Is there space left in the new Tipping Point Workspace?

There are a few spots left. Email team@tippingpointpartners.com.

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