CUNY TAP was developed in close partnership by City Council, CUNY’s Institute for Software Design and Development (CISDD), Tipping Point Partners and a coalition of leaders from local technology firms. Through a combination of classroom, lab instruction, and adjunct lectures by industry professionals, the design and goal of the program is to improve the relevant technical abilities, professional communication skills, and business acumen of students to better address the reality of working in software development today. The curriculum targets those skill gaps, as identified by real hiring companies, critical to workplace success, but commonly missing in most recent CS graduates.

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NYC Votes is a first-in-the-nation public-private partnership to promote voter registration, participation and civic engagement in elections through technology. Tipping Point Partners, along with Pivotal Labs, Method and Orchard helped the New York City Campaign Finance Board (CFB) and its Voter Assistance Advisor Committe (VAAC) create a mobile website that will streamline the political process for voters and candidates alike.

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